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Now that summer is coming to an end, it is time to plan to close your pool for winter.  In our area it is best to have your pool closed professionally before the first frost to reduce the chance of winter damage.  For the best protection, we offer our professional closings services by qualified, experienced technicians.  We also continue to offer a 10% discount off our basic closing and cover installation service to in-ground pool customers.  To qualify, you must have purchased our chemicals ($250.00 worth this past season). Weekly vacuum service customers, who use our chemicals, will receive the discount automatically (IN-GROUND POOL WINTER CLOSING PRICES).

Above ground pool customers continue to receive special low pricing. (ABOVE-GROUND  POOL WINTER CLOSING PRICES)

Important notes regarding our service:  We do not vacuum  pools after October 12th  because of  falling leaves dropping faster than we can vacuum.  While discussing leaves, some may work their way into the pool during the winter regardless of how secure the cover is fastened.  Also note, that it is not necessary to  remove diving boards and motors. Over the years we have found that the repeated removal and re-installation of  these items adds to their  wear. In fact,  they are designed to withstand  our winter conditions.  However, it is very important to keep solid covers pumped off during the winter  to prevent them from falling in or  ripping from the weight of accumulated water.

And finally, if you do have a DE filter, you should request that we

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rinse or acid wash your grids to ensure  efficient filter operation next season.  To remove your grids from the tank for cleaning, it is necessary for us to loosen and remove the band that holds your tank together.  In the spring, Aquavita will re-install the tank “belly band” as part of our “Opening Service”. If you open your pool carefully tighten the filter band securely to ensure that your tank is properly fastened and will operate safely under pressure and not leak.

To request a closing, please complete  our “Fall Closing Request” form below. We will make every effort to accommodate the date you ask for, however we do schedule on a “first received…first served basis”. If the closing date you select is not available, we will call you to arrange for another convenient day.  Please note that we DO NOT schedule closings on Saturdays or Sundays.  Saturdays are reserved for rain days and emergency service.

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