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Our above ground pools are all 52″ high and are made in three basic shapes:

  • Round pools are the most economical to purchase because they do not require side supports.¬† Round pools are sized by the distance across the center from side to side.¬† For example, an “18′ round pool”¬† measures 18′¬† in diameter.
  • Oval pools are preferred if you want your pool to look more like an in-ground pool because of it’s oblong¬† shape (longer than wider) .¬† For example, a 15′ x 24′ oval measures 15′ wide X 24′ long.¬† Oval shaped pools may also fit your yard better¬† if your property has limited space.¬† You can order an oval with either standard (2.5 ‘) or with narrow side supports(8″)
  • Rectangular pools¬† are¬† purchased by those who¬† want an in-ground pool but don’t want to pay the price!¬† Rectangular pools come complete with a deck that surrounds the entire pool which eliminates the need for side supports.

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