We have all the winterization chemicals you will need to properly close your above-ground or in-ground pool for winter. Our expert staff will assist you in balancing your water and selecting the correct size closing kit for your pool.

Winter Algaecide

You may¬† want to use just winter algaecide if your pool is small and doesn’t need a “Kit” or if your pool is very large and you want to add to the “kit”.¬†


  • Quart
  • 1/2 Gallon
  • Gallon

Winter Closing Kits

Our winter kits are designed to¬† help ensure that your pool water stays¬† clear and algae free until spring.¬†¬†¬† Each kit contains:¬† “Stain & Scale”¬† to help prevent mineral stains on walls, “Winter Algaecide”¬† to help prevent algae and bacteria growth,¬† and a floater containing¬† chemicals that work into Spring.¬† For “Mesh Cover” pools we’ve added¬† “Phos-X”¬† to reduce the phosphates that algae needs to grow.

  • KIT¬† #1 ¬† ¬† (for pools up to 7,500 gallons)
  • KIT¬† #2 ¬† ¬† ( for pools up to 15,000 gallons)
  • KIT¬† #3¬† ¬†¬† (for pools up to 35,000 gallons)
  • MESH KIT (for pools up to 35,000 gallons)





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