Algae Control

Aquavita sells many types of algaecide as there are various strains that may grow in swimming, black, red, and mustard algae. We recommend that you add algaecide to prevent algae before it starts. Our expert staff will help you select the most effective type for your pool.


Effective against green, black, & mustard algae

  • No foaming
  • No staining
  • No discoloration
  • 30% active

Enjoy your Pool!

We have all the products you could ever need to outfit, maintain and enhance your pool.

Merlin Spa Covers

Preserve your spa and conserve energy with a professional spa cover engineered to protect your investment and your loved ones.

Quality-engineered. Expertly crafted.

Our professional spa covers offer secure protection for your family while providing high energy-efficiency and lasting protection against the elements and UV rays. Every detail and component of our covers is expertly designed and crafted to meet or exceed industry specifications. Whether your spa is standard or an in-ground masterpiece, we have you covered!

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Standard Size Winter Covers

Aquavita stocks all size pre-made winter covers along with air pillows, water tubes, plugs, Gizmos and everything else you need to properly close your pool!


  • Helps to keep pool clean and free of dirt, leaves and debris
  • Helps to protect pools  from harsh weather
  • Helps to stop water and chemical  loss from evaporation
  • Helps to prevent algae (along with out Winter Kit)
  • Helps to prevent mosquitoes and animals from infesting pool



Installation Instructions:

Winter Cover Installation - Click to view larger.


Custom Fit Winter Covers

Since 1981,  AQUAVITA has been designing and installing custom winter covers.

Our experienced staff will gladly help you select the best fitting mesh or solid style cover.  We can assure you of the best fit for the most uniquely designed pool regardless of deck surface ( concrete, brick, pavers, stone,  wood,  grass, gravel, etc.).

We will also re-make your existing cover. (Don’t throw out

the old one until we measure it!)

For safety and appearance at a great price, please contact us for a free estimate:

Loop-Loc Covers

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Anchor Covers

Classic Solid Safety Pool Cover

The Classic Solid Safety Pool Cover from Anchor Industries is made of 14 oz. vinyl coated fabric. Brass anchors recess flush with the deck, when not in use, while hookless rubber ties prevent deck damage. Treated with antimicrobials, the Classic Solid resists the

growth of mold, mildew and odor-causing germs. The Classic Solid rests on the water’s surface below the pool’s edge for additional strength and support. View colors and more on »

Merlin Covers

Quality and innovation.

Your Pool Guard cover features a heavy duty three-ply solid supported P.V.C. laminate, designed for the rigors of the outdoors and made to virtually eliminate the entry of debris into your pool

when covered. Pool Guard covers feature a full one inch wide heat weld for strength and durability. The cover is designed to rest on the pool water and is locked into your pool deck using all American made hardware, including brass anchors and custom rubber tension straps. Special hardware is available for raised spas and all types of waterfalls and special pool features.

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Pool Blaster AQUA BROOM

  • Battery powered for kiddie pools, hot tubs, and fountains
  • Operates on D-cell batteries
  • Reusable filter bag
  • Attaches to your existing vac pole

Pool Blaster CATFISH

  • Re-chargeable battery powered
  • High flow built in pump cleans large messes in any size pool, hot tub
  • Easy

    to empty re-usable filter bag

  • Includes spot cleaning nozzle and battery charger
  • Attaches to your existing vac pole

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In Stock Now

  • Liquid Chlorine

  • Cover Pumps

  • Solar Covers & A/G Liners

  • Salt (40 lb Bag)

  • Chlorine Tabs, Powder & Shock

  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

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