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Our above ground pools are all 52″ high and are made in three basic shapes:

  • Round pools are the most economical to purchase because they do not require side supports.  Round pools are sized by the distance across the center from side to side.  For example, an “18′ round pool”  measures 18′  in diameter.
  • Oval pools are preferred if you want your pool to look more like an in-ground pool because of it’s oblong  shape (longer than wider) .  For example, a 15′ x 24′ oval measures 15′ wide X 24′ long.  Oval shaped pools may also fit your yard better  if your property has limited space.  You can order an oval with either standard (2.5 ‘) or with narrow side supports(8″)
  • Rectangular pools  are  purchased by those who  want an in-ground pool but don’t want to pay the price!  Rectangular pools come complete with a deck that surrounds the entire pool which eliminates the need for side supports.

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In Stock Now

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